I will be adding testimonials to this page as I receive them.  Thanks everyone for sending them.  I appreciate the kind words.  

Bruce  DOB June 15, 2013
FromLynn Garza lae9q3@gmail.com
ToKiko Bisbee kikob1961@aol.com

​Bruce has been a part of our family for almost 2 years. I have called on Kiko many times with questions I have had. I hadn't had a dog in a long time & would ask general dog questions- & then questions specific to English Bull Terriers. She has been a great resource & truly cares about her puppies. My daughter & I drove to her home to visit Bruce when he was too young to come & stay with us. I've seen his mom & she's a very sweet and happy dog. She is definitely a member of their family. Bruce is in excellent health & gets complimented all the time about what a great looking dog he is. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Kiko has my information. 
Lynn Garza

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FromMike Finley MANDPFINLEY@msn.com
Tokikob1961 kikob1961@aol.com

Capone DOB 01/23/2015

We have known Kiko approximately 2 years and have nothing but the highest regards for her and the way she operates her breeding business. We have had our little bully for 18 mos. and still think he is the BEST we could have gotten. Believe me, we did our research. We had a bully previously and lost him in 2013 so we knew what we were getting into and what we were looking for.
In our research we found many “back yard” breeders but in talking to Kiko we immediately noticed that she was intelligent and had picked well tempermented and structurally sound breeding stock. She took the time and expense to show and title her stock to prove they met or excelled the breed standard. She then proceeded to have all the essential health testing done. But, above and beyond the usual testing, she also went to great expense and time traveling to Veterinarian Colleges/Hospitals to have additional testing to guarantee her breeding stock was free of genetic problems specifically targeting bull terriers. She does everything she can to assure that the pups she breeds have the best opportunities to have a healthy life. This was of utmost importance to us after losing ours to cancer.
Also impressive is the interview process Kiko goes through to ensure her puppies go to the right homes. She strives to make sure potential owners will be a good match for puppies whether they are show potential or merely a pet home. As if there is such a thing as “merely” a pet, like they aren’t as important! I have under one circumstance seen Kiko make a long road trip to bring a puppy back because the home did not appear to be working as she thought it should. That is a dedicated breeder. We’ve bred, showed and loved dogs since the mid 1980’s. We have titled dogs in the breed and confirmation ring and appreciate the time and dedication it takes. We understand breeding and selling puppies and know it is of great importance to breed the best you can and in turn release only those that are guaranteed, to the best of your ability, to good homes.
I corresponded regularly with Kiko for 10 weeks before personally going down to meet her and I can say she is always available and willing to answer questions, offer advice and send pics/updates on the pups from the day they are born. We chose to drive to her kennel to pick up our dog and she has a very well maintained dog area, whelping area and a whole farm for the dogs to exercise and socialize. She has a very well put together breeding facility that is more of a home atmosphere rather than run after run of kennels and dogs isolated from each other. I think anyone will find her a conscience breeder who prefers to raise dogs in a home atmosphere which we find makes for better adjusted, more people oriented dogs.
In closing, we cannot recommend DEKO Bull Terriers enough. If we are still young enough to handle a bully’s energy again, we definitely will contact DEKO Bullies and have recommended them to others who ask about our Capone!
Thanks for all you have done and all you continue to do for us Kiko.
  Shamrock Farm
  Dr. Mike and Pat Finley
  4 Princeton Ct.
  Brush, Co. 80723
  (970) 842-3579
FromJames Kennon jimkennon@reagan.com
To  Kiko Bisbee kikob1961@aol.com
I would recommend Kiko as a breeder, I bought my Bullterrier from her and
she was incredibly helpful. This is my second bullterrier, and I had a ton of
questions from his birth and she answered all my questions.
I asked about
training questions, how to keep from having to go to the vet to get his teeth
cleaned, to bedding questions.
I also kept him on the food she started him on
and he loves it.
She sends pictures and video’s to keep you posted on how your
puppy is doing.
The bloodlines are great, and the dogs are really
I had several breeders I considered from Albuquerque to Chicago and
chose her, I highly recommend her. 
I can’t imagine not having little
James Kennon
Roscoe IL
Testimonial for Kona  
Fromjoshua robberts oceanrider7637@att.nethide details

Kiko Bisbee has been wonderful through the whole process. She has constantly kept us up to date on Kona's progress from the beginning. She has sent multiple pictures and videos so we have been able to see him grow. You can tell Kona was well cared for and he is a wonderful addition to the family.
Kiko genuinely cares for each and every one of the puppies and it shows. She has also been very helpful, answering any questions or concerns that we have had. I would definitely recommend Kiko as a breeder. It has been a great overall experience!

Joshua Robberts